Johan Vogel

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research interests

Mechanical and mechatronic design, dynamics and motion control, metrology, frequency domain techniques, inverse problems and optimisation.


Johan Vogel studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. His bachelor research project (2008) was in the field of biomechanical engineering, where he did research on shape lock mechanisms for guiding coloscopes. Specialising in mechatronic system design, he graduated Cum Laude (2011) on the design of a parallel haptic device for pick-and-place operation, for which he received the Best Graduate Award of the faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. From 2011 to 2015, he worked as a PhD candidate in the group of Mechatronic System Design of Rob Munnig Schmidt, focussing on the development of methods for measuring and estimating deformation in high-precision mechatronic systems like lithography machines. As of October 2015, he started as a postdoc researcher within the group of Industrial Electronic Instrumentation, developing and improving Eddy current position sensors to let them meet the requirements of high-precision applications.
Johan’s main research interests are in mechanical and mechatronic design, dynamics and motion control. Furthermore, he is interested in metrology, frequency domain techniques, inverse problems and optimisation. He is also interested in teaching and previously supervised graduate students, coached student groups and developed course material.


Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory
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