MEMS Technology Research for Optical Filters


Aim of the project

In this project optical filters for UV and infrared spectroscopy will be designed. New and existing IC compatible materials and deposition techniques for optical filters will be investigated.


Project description

In this project you work in close collaboration with an experienced PhD student or Post-doc on the design and cleanroom fabrication of optical filters using IC compatible materials. Fabricated materials need to be investigated and characterized by optical measurement equipment. Main part of the work will be at the DIMES Technology Research Centre.

Linear Optical filter

Figure 1: Linear Optical filter design in the infrared


Main challenges:

  • Working with advanced equipment and processes in a cleanroom environment
  • Design of resonant optical filters in the UV, visible and infrared.

We offer an interesting, innovative project for a motivated MSc student interested in IC fabrication technology.



Ger de Graaf