Multi-sensor Signal Processing for Gas Sensing


Aim of the project

This project aims to improve the selectivity of gas composition measurement using data from different sensing principles and also by using temperature or pressure modulation.


Project descriptionmulti-sensor-signal-processing

The values of many physical properties of gases such as thermal conductivity, density, viscosity, speed-of-sound are in the same order of magnitude. As a consequence, sensors based on these principles, have a low selectivity in gas composition measurement. This project aims to improve the selectivity of measurements on gas mixtures using different measurements and sensor principles. As an example: The figure shows how the thermal conductivity of N2 and CH4 depend differently on temperature. Taking multiple measurements and using this data for solving sets of equations enables a better estimate of the composition of a mixture of these gases.


Main challenges for this part of the project are:

  • Literature study on the topic
  • Writing flexible MATLAB routines to solve sets of equations using measured data from our gas sensors.
  • Applying the data processing algorithm to a real world problem by measurement and data analysis of gas composition using our thermal conductivity sensor.


We offer an interesting, innovative project for a motivated MSc student interested in signal processing for real-world applications.



Ger de Graaf