ET4379 Photovoltaic lab course

The aim is to offer you an advanced practical course on solar cells and photovoltaic systems. The following areas of practical training will be part of the course:

  1. Characteristics of artificial and natural light
  2. Characterization of the performance of lab-scale solar cells
  3. Behavior of photovoltaic modules in different temperature and shading conditions
  4. Charge and discharge properties of batteries
  5. Performance of power electronic components (charge controllers, inverters, maximum power point trackers)
  6. Operation of entire photovoltaic systems

Study Goals

  1. Experiment with photovoltaic systems and all of their components under lab and real-life conditions.
  2. Describe the working principle behind each component of a photovoltaic system.
  3. Analyze the operation of all the elements of photovoltaic systems and of the system as a whole.
  4. Compare the performance of different types of components of photovoltaic systems.


This course is meant for students who have already passed at least the PV Basics course (ET4376) and preferably also PV Technologies (ET4377) and PV Systems (ET4378). This course is also meant for 1st-year master’s students with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering.


O. Isabella

Last modified: 2023-11-04


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 4/0/0/0