MSc thesis examples

2021 Bastiaan BurgersDesigning a wireless communication system for smart sensor shorts in football 2018 Gerard HogenhoutA synchronized phonocardiogram for shear wave elastography 2014 Koen BlutmanA Low Power System-on-Chip with Memory Stacked on Top of Logic

BSc Electrical Engineering

2017 Mengdi LiuEasy ID: A Wireless Sensor Package to Measure Human Interaction Features

MSc Microelectronics

2023 Jinhuang LinA Configurable Digital Neuromorphic Hardware Generator for Heterogeneous Computing
Lorenzo PesActive dendrites for continual learning in a time-to-first-spike spiking neural network architecture
Xinhu LiuHeterogeneous computing with spiking-neural-network acceleration in a RISC-V-based system-on-chip
Shuangmu LiA Hybrid-Hysteresis-CFM Control Method Recursive Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with ripple reduction and load transition enhancement
Douwe den BlankenMeta-learning for few-shot on-chip sequence classification
Zhaofeng ShenLow-cost multi-core on-chip learning schemes
Yufeng YangEvent-Driven Graph Neural Network Accelerators for Low-Power Vision
Ningchao LinA High-Efficiency 4-Phase Series-Parallel Resonant Switched-Capacitor 48-to-3 V DC-DC Converter
Tianyu WangA 10-bit Digital to Time Converter with a Phase Noise Filter
Fengwei ZhanHigh-speed asynchronous digital interfaces: Exploiting the spatiotemporal correlations of event-based sensor data
Haoran GongA High-Efficiency 2-Switch Bipolar Boost Converter with PV-assisted Startup Voltage for the Bipolar Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Avish GuptaA Flow-to-Digital Converter based on a Thermal-Sigma Delta Modulator
Wenyu PengA 70-V integrated SSHC rectifier for triboelectric energy harvesting with duty-cycle-based MPPT
2022 Öykü TanselMultiplexed thermal-diffusivity-based temperature sensors
Yu-Chieh TaiOn-chip Temperature Compensation with a Reference Voltage Method for CMOS Image Sensors
Xiaomeng AnA Compact Temperature-Stable RC Frequency Reference
Tianyi LiuAn Ultrasound Receiver ASIC with Slow-time Feedback for Transcranial Doppler Imaging
Victor Pecanins MartinezA power-efficient Delta-Sigma ADC with a passive input stage for audio applications
Pim LindemanContactless Inductive Power and Data Transfer
Mohammed Abo AlaineinA High Speed DAC Architecture for Continuous Time Pipeline ADC
Shurui LiuA 3-Mode Wide Operational Range Reconfigurable Regulating Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer
Ziyang YuanA Hybrid Step-Up DC-DC Converter and A VCSEL Diode Driver
Alexandru MateiFully Integrated Compact and Scalable Linear Voltage Regulator for Power Control Integrated Circuits
Jixuan MouA Monolithic Photoplethysmogram (PPG) Sensor
Zhelun ChenThe Sensor Roller: A Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Roller in a Bearing for Self-Sustained IoT Sensors
Zakaria AbdellaouiReliable wireless data transfer for smart sensor shorts in football
Yuan HuaHigh efficiency, highly integrated DC-DC converter for 48V data centers with standard CMOS and GaN devices
Dongjin SonSPAD-based Light Detection and Ranging for 3D imaging: Receiver operation and in-pixel TDC design for automotive application
Mingzhe Chen1D-TOF: System modeling, processing algorithm design and implementation
Ruizhi WangA 10-mV-Startup-Voltage Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting System Based on a Piezoelectric Cold Starter
Qi LuA Dynamically Reconfigurable Recursive Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with Adaptive Load Ability Enhancement
Emre KanliA Capacitively-Coupled Autozeroed and Chopped Operational Amplifier
Guo XuTime-to-Digital Converter for Low-Power Direct Time-of-Flight System
Wouter KragtWideband Hybrid pipeline ADC
Qian WangA Low-Noise Transimpedance Amplifier for Ultrasound Imaging with 40 dB Continuous-Time Gain Compensation
Ignacio Garcia EzquerroLow Power Bluetooth Baseband with a RISC-V Core for Autonomous Sensors using Chisel
Aravind BuduguppaA compact temperature switch for automotive applications
Miloš GruborDigital backend for a resistor-based Wien Bridge temperature sensor
2021 Shubham MehrotraA Continuous-Time Zoom ADC for Audio Applications based on a High-Linearity OTA and a 4-bit SAR ADC
Nandor TothAn energy-efficient BJT-based temperature sensor with a continuous-time readout
Jianing XingAn Amplitude-Tunable Bipolar High-Voltage Pulser Using a Unipolar Supply for Ultrasound Applications
Shrinidhi SharmaA Bootstrapped ESD Structure for CMOS Amplifiers with femtoampere leakage current
Vassiliy ShuverovTransceiver design for reciprocal operation of ultrasonic flow measurement systems
Nuriel RozsaChopper PWM-Based Class-D Amplifier
2020 Arvind VijayakumarOn-chip Switched-Capacitor DC-DC converter for CMUT Biasing
Angqi LiuA Fully-Passive Noise-Shaping SAR for use in a Zoom ADC
Jelle TamsA combined time-gain compensation low-noise amplifier for ultrasound imaging applications
Mohamed SaadA Continuous-Time BJT-Based Temperature-to-Digital Converter
Dayang XiaoAn integrated high-voltage pulser with improved HD2 and programmable amplitude
Matthew Al DisiSingle Electron Readout Circuit
Dennis KaandorpFully Integrated CMOS Noise Thermometer
Xianglong MengDesign of A Readout System for a Low Leakage Soil Water-Content Sensor
Wencong XuA Surface EMG System: Local Muscle Fatigue Detection
2019 Mengxin YuA load-modulation digital data link for miniature ultrasound probes
Shardul RautmareA Programmable Temperature Switch
Efraïm ElandA Dynamic Zoom ADC for Audio Applications
Shubham KhandelwalA True Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Amplifier
Matheus Ferreira PimentaA PLL-based eddy current displacement sensor for button applications
Daguang LiuElectrothermal Filters for No-Trim Temperature Sensors
Miao ZhangUltra-Low Idle Power Class-D Amplifier
Thomas JohnGalvanic Isolation Communication Link
Rishabh NagarkarAn ASIC with Bipolar High-Voltage Transmit Switching for a Single-Cable Intra-Vascular Ultrasound Probe
Qiyou JiangA low-noise amplifier for ultrasound imaging with continuous time-gain compensation
Swarna NarayananSynchronization Of Wireless Accelerometer Sensors For Industrial Application
Vincent van HoekAn Ultra-Low Power Temperature to Digital Converter
Valeria PredaA Compact Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Cristian TatuAn Error Feedback Noise Shaping SAR ADC
Kiren NewadjSkyDowser: An Electromagnetic Geophysical Survey Instrument for Groundwater Detection
2018 Yaonian CuiDesign and Fabrication of on-chip Midinfrared Emitter and LVOF
Mengying ChenA 2.1MHz PWM Based Class D Audio Amplifier
Rushil Kishore KumarAn energy-efficient BJT-based Temperature-digital converter based on a Continuous-Time Readout
Farzad MirzaeiAn Ultrasound Receiver ASIC Employing Compressive Sensing
Dezhi LinAn atto-Farad resolution closed loop impedance measurement bridge for capacitive sensors
Arjan van der KruijtA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor
Guanchu WangMicrostructure for Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Biofuel Composition Measurement
Jinyi LiuDilating Pupil for Prosthetic Eyes Based on Electrowetting
Jiahan LuAn Electrowetting Valve with Air Channel
Ioannis AnastasopoulosMiniaturized conductivity measurement system
Fjola SnaevarsdottirCMOS Image Sensor Design Methodology Applied to Optical Tomography and Neural Networks
2017 Yang LiuA Capacitive Pressure Sensor Interface
Leon LoopikMulti-path ADC for current sensing
Bo JiangMicrostructure for thermal impedance spectroscopy for biofuel composition measurement
Xiaoran LiA low distortion sine wave generator based on resistive DACs
Said HussainiAn ultra-low-power capacitive readout circuit for wake-on-touch applications
Shoubhik KarmakarA Dynamic Zoom ADC for Instrumentation Applications
Hao FanA High-Resolution Capacitance-to-Digital Converter based on Iterative Discharging
Douwe van WilligenA single cable active IVUS probe
Samira AmaniA 15-bit ΔΣ Capacitance-to-Digital Converter For Position Sensing with Electrically Floating Targets
Michele D'UrbinoElement-Level Sigma Delta Modulator for Ultrasound Applications
Yixuan YanVoltage Calibration of BJT Based Temperature Sensor
Costantino LigourasA capacitive fingerprint sensor front-end circuit design
Yixin ShiA Low-Power Area-Efficient SAR-Assisted Hybrid ADC for Ultrasound Imaging
Magda UrsuleanAnalysis and Design of a 2.5GS/s 6-bit SAR ADC with a 3-bit/cycle Resolving Scheme
Wei WuMulti-sensor Read-out Circuit with Temperature, Capacitance and Voltage Sensing Functionalities
Weichen XuLow-Power Readout IC for a PMUT-based bladder scanner
2016 Mingliang TanA Front-end ASIC with High-Voltage Transmit Switching and Receive Digitization for Forward-Looking Intra-Vascular Ultrasound
Luke MiddelburgBio-fuel Composition Sensing: Multi domain spectroscopy to determine the composition of bio-fuel mixtures
Sining PanA High-Resolution Energy-Efficient Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Utsav JainCharacterization of CMOS image sensor
Thije RooijersA Sampled Voltage Reference
Jeroen van DijkAn On-Chip Noise Thermometer
2015 Jan AngevareA Highly-Scalable Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
Rishi BacchuArea-Efficient Readout IC with High Panel Noise Rejection for Capacitive Touchscreens
Owoyinka KoleosoA CMOS Bandgap Temperature Sensor for Cryogenic Applications
Weihan HuA 9-bit 33MHz Hybrid SAR Single-slope ADC
Nikola Radeljic-JakicIntegrated Readout Circuit for Cross-Correlation Based Ultrasonic Ranging
Revanth BellamkondaCombined Capacitance and Temperature to Digital Converter
Wouter BrevetA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor with Corner Heaters
Yanquan LuoA High-Resolution, Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Anuparma KulkarniLow Drift, Wireless Temperature Sensor for Harsh Industrial Applications
Manuel Accel Abarca ProuzaHigh Precision Flow Compensated Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas Sensing with Read-out Circuit
R. ZhangA 1-Mega Pixels HDR and UV Sensitive Image Sensor With Interleaved 14-bit 64Ms/s SAR ADC
Jules MarkenhofIntegrating a Temperature Sensor into a CMOS Image Sensor
Giorgos KarykisA high-resolution self-timed zero-crossing-based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Qilong LiuA mixed-signal multiplexing system for cable-count reduction in ultrasound probes
2014 Pascal ‘t HartCharacterization of the Piezojunction Effect in an Industrial 130nm Process
Luis Edoardo Rueda GuerreroAn Algorithmic Readout Approach for Thermal Conductivity Based CO2 Sensors
Yuming HeCapacitive Sensor Interface Using an Inverter-Based Period Modulator
Kristof BlutmanA Low Power System-on-Chip with Memory Stacked on Top of Logic
Burak GonenA Zoom ADC for dynamic signals
Rui QuanA Highly-Digital Smart Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
A. SelvanSimulation of optic flow based flight control for a flapping wing micro aerial vehicle
Ludovic RousselotAcoustical Monitoring of Model System for Vascular Access in Haemodialysis
J. ZhuThe Design of a Stitched, High-dynamic Range CMOS Particle Sensor
Stephen Van 't HofIn-vitro waveguide system for the detection of Escherichia coli in drain fluid after colorectal anastomotic leakage
2013 Lokesh RajendranDesign of an Energy-Efficient Interface Circuit for a MEMS-based Capacitive Pressure Sensor
Jianfeng WuA Low-Power Thermal Wind Sensor in CMOS Technology
Nandish MehtaSampling time error calibration in Time-interleaved ADCs
Kianoush SouriAn Energy-Efficient, Resistor-based, Smart Temperature Sensor
Yuxin YanAn Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Interface for Resonant Sensors Based On Ring-Down Measurement
Qiang YaoThe design of a 16*16 pixels CMOS image sensor with 0.5 e- RMS noise
Joost van DrielCharacterization of metals for Cochlear Implants
Anirban SahaDesign of Front-End Receiver Electronics for 3D Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography
2012 Chao ChenEnergy-Efficient Self-Timed Zero-Crossing-Based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Umanath KamathDesign of high-resolution photodiode readout circuitry for a bio-implantable continuous glucose sensing chip
Vlad DyachenkoA Low Power 10-bit SAR ADC in a 45nm CMOS process
Shishir GoyalFrequency References Based on the Thermal Diffusivity of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide
Yao ChengEnergy-Efficient Capacitive-Sensor Interface Based on A Multi-Slope ADC
Ajit KalgiA Gm-C based Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator with Compact FIR-DAC
Gaurav PanchananA Sub-1V Bandgap Reference in CMOS
Xiaoliang GeThe design of a global shutter CMOS image sensor in 110nm technology
Yang LiuThe Desigh of a High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor in 110nm Technology
Bharani ChavaA Low-Input Current Chopper Amplifier
Ravi BagreeCharacterization and Design of a Readout Circuit for a Piezoelectric-based Acoustic Disdrometer
Ali FekriA ratio metric analog-to-digital converter for eddy current displacement sensors
2011 Fan GuoEnergy-efficient capacitive-sensor interface based on an incremental Delta-Sigma modulator employing current-starved inverter-based OTAs
Zeng ZengEnergy-efficient readout of resonant sensors
Selcuk ErsoyAn AC-Biased MEMS Microphone Readout Circuit Design
Gaurav SinghA Gm-C Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator with Improved Linearity
Junfeng JiangDesign of a Wide-Bandwidth Magnetic Field Sensor
Sebastian VoorderhakeMicro spectrometer for the measurement of the composition of new gas
Jia GuoDLL Based Single Slope ADC For CMOS Image Sensor Column Readout
Folkert Roscam AbbingLight-Emitting Diode Junction-Temperature Sensing using Various Voltage/Current Measurement Techniques
Kar Fee TangEarly detection of anastomotic leakage using oxygen and carbon dioxide sensor
2010 N. SarhangnejadHigh-precision Sigma-Delta Modulator with improved linearity
Onur KayaA Precision RC-locked Oscillator
S. ChenSurface-Micromachined Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors For Hydrogen Detection
Saket SakuniaPing-Pong-Pang Instrumentation Amplifier
C. MaPixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensors
M. GeljonExcitation and readout of a thermally driven time-domain optical coherence tomography system
Y. JiajianTime-Gain-Compensation Amplifier for Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
C. LiuA Double-mode Linear Imaging System for IC-compatible Microspectrometers in Visible Light
2009 A. ChengDesign of a Readout Scheme for a MEMS Microphone
A.D.H. TierolfMicrochip electrophoresis for UVC-induced DNA damage assessment
Kamran SouriAn Energy-Efficient Smart Temperature Sensor for RFID Applications
Xiaodong GuoInvestigation on Capacitive Sensor Interface with Improved Immunity to External Interference
Y. XuCharge Domain Interlacing CMOS Image Sensor Design
P.J. NganaDesign, Modeling and Simulation of a 52MHz MEMS Gyroscope Device in 1.5um SOI

MSc Biomedical Engineering

2019 Eda DemirciMicroneedles for Optical Spectroscopy
Thomas BakkerReal-time monitoring of sweat of Cystic Fibrosis patients
Miguel ThomasDetermining Fatigue through Real-Time Sweat Analysis
2018 Anirundh BishtMotion artefact reference sensor study for ECG signals
Tim de RijkOPTOEPIRET: Development of a exible epiretinal implant dummy with through-connections in the polyimide substrate
2017 Daniel KuratomiHeart rate monitoring using infared thermometry in an earpiece
David BaoFabrication of an ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy probe for protein quantification in bioreactors
Micha DisselkoenImproved control of an IV administration system : design of a sensing and regulating method to improve the control of gravity base intravenous (IV) therapy.
2016 Desiree Kartika de VreedeAssessing the Effects of Deafness on Cortical Activity Peaks in the Developing Human Auditory System Measured by an EEG Neuroimaging Method
Geronimo Dos Santos OteroMagnetic detection of tumors using nanoparticles


2014 Marco De StefanoDevelopment and optimization of an ultra low power excitation research algorithm for gas sensor

MSc Embedded Systems

2017 Gijs WassenaarFertility detection of chicken eggs in early stage