MSc thesis project proposal

Heartbeat measurement in wireless music headsets by infrared detection

New wireless headsets are entering the market. They combine audio applications (music and voice calls) with sensor applications (acceleration, temperature, magnetic). Detection in the ear of very small temperature variations is quite a challenge. Sensor and electronics have to be optimized for highest signal-to-noise ratio Previous research has shown that in-ear non-contact infrared detection enables measurement of the heart-rate. The accuracy and motion sensitivity of the first prototype of this system needs to be improved. The project is in close cooperation with the Bluetooth earphone manufacturers Plantronics (USA) and Dopple (Emmen, NL).


Main challenges of the project are: -Research on the infrared source and detector combination optimizing sensitivity and robustness to movements of the heartbeat signal. -Low noise amplification. -Finding the best algorithms to extract the heart beat signal from the data.


Last modified: 2020-01-31