MSc thesis project proposal

High-speed (RF) chopping (NXP)

Project outside the university

NXP Semiconductors

Future automotive car radar applications require a data converter with a bandwidth larger than 40MHz and a very low 1/f noise corner frequency. High-speed sigma-delta modulators sampled at several GHz can achieve such a wide bandwidth. However, 1/f noise introduced by the amplifiers of the loop filter of the modulator limits its noise performance. In this thesis project, we will investigate 1/f noise reduction techniques of sigma-delta modulators sampled at GHz frequencies. This thesis will be a part of the running PhD project entitled “RF Chopping”. The project will start with a feasibility study where several techniques will be identified. The most promising technique(s) will be further developed during the MSc thesis project.

In this master thesis project you will do/learn:

  • In depth study of ADC (or DAC) architecture
  • Design of analog and mixed-signal circuits in 28nm CMOS
  • Circuit simulations with Spectre (or other simulator)
  • Layout design of circuits and simulation of extracted layout
  • Build understanding of impact of process imperfections and parasitic artifacts on performance


    Overview of the project planning (depending on the progress of the student)
    • Literature review of chopping techniques of sigma-delta modulators.
    • System level study of the proposed architecture in Matlab/Cadence.
    • Circuit and layout implementation.
    • Tape-out of the IC followed by measurement.
    • Process node: 28nm HPCP.
    • Target tape-out date: Sep 2022.
    A stipend is provided.


    • Good knowledge of analog and mixed circuit design.
    • Good understanding of Data Converters.
    • Familiarity with Matlab and Cadence.
    • You will be collaborating with researchers from NXP Semiconductors so good communication and presentation skills are essential.

    Contact Muhammed Bolatkale

    Electronic Instrumentation Group

    Department of Microelectronics

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  • Noise contributions in a sigma-delta ADC