MSc thesis project proposal

[2023] Power management circuitry for battery-powered ultrasound patches

  • Making ultrasound imaging available in a wearable form-factor will open up many new applications, such as home-monitoring of cardiac patients. One of the challenges of wearable ultrasound devices is that they will need to be powered from a small battery, while the power supplies needed by a typical ultrasound transceiver include high voltage supplies (tens of Volts) for pulse transmission. Using off-chip DC-DC converters to derive such supplies from the battery is a bulky solution.
  • In this project, you will investigate circuit solutions to power high-voltage ultrasound transmit circuits directly from a battery, while using as few off-chip components as possible.
  • The project includes the design, tape-out and measurement of a prototype chip.


Last modified: 2023-02-12