MSc thesis project proposal

Capacitive CMOS platform to monitor multispectral optical signals


The photodetector is a device that can convert light radiation signals into electrical signals. It has significant contributions in smooth operation of our day-to-day activities and has a high scientific research value in military, civil, and other fields such as in making image sensors, motion detectors, radiation detectors and so on. Various semiconductor materials are used in making these photodetectors and different processes are followed commercially to make these light and image sensors. Currently, Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) based sensors are mostly used owing to their low-power consumption, fast operation and low-cost. However, the adaptability of CMOS technology in manufacturing a diverse range of optical signals is limited due to the low compatibility of sensor materials in CMOS manufacturing technology and also for the requirement of additional tools like filters, lenses whose integration is hectic. Here, we aim at developing a multispectral CMOS photodetector with the ability to detect wide range of visible light signals from its environment. We will use inkjet printing technology to functionalize a novel CMOS pixelated capacitive sensor array with different photoactive materials. Further, we aim to analyze complex light signals using the sensor array with the aid of machine learning and principle component analysis.



Can we functionalize a CMOS capacitive sensor using inkjet printer for the detection multispectral optical signals?


Contact person: Suman Kundu;



•       Work on an innovative multidisciplinary research topic.  

•       Work closely with PhDs and postdocs and get exposure to an academic research environment.

•       Gain expertise in experimental characterization techniques.

•       Learn to give quality presentations and scientific writing to give value to your work.




•       Carry out a literature review on existing photoactive materials for visible light sensing and CMOS based photodetectors.

•       Use inkjet printers to functionalize CMOS capacitive sensors.

•       Build measurement setup and acquire real-time sensor data using embedded MCUs.

•       Optimise the material inks to achieve fast response and high sensitivity.

•       Analyze multispectral signals by machine learning and PCA.

Contact Frans Widdershoven

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

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