MSc thesis project proposal

Design and build a test rig for heating packaging material

Project outside the university


Besi Netherlands B.V. is part of the international and listed BESI ( and develop and produce machines for the semiconductor industry. Besi’s customers are worldwide leading producers of chips and their suppliers. Besi employs around 2000 people worldwide. The Duiven location employs around 150 people.

In Duiven, 3 types of packaging equipment (machines) are being developed for molding, trim & form and saw singulation. Molding machines encapsulate chips in an epoxy molding compound (EMC) to protect the chips against moisture, mechanical and thermal stress coming from their environment. This epoxy molding compound material is generally a thermosetting material, supplied to the molding machine in the shape of a solid pellet. After the EMC is heated inside the molding machine it becomes liquid. It is then transferred to the mold cavity to package the chip. In
the mold cavity the EMC material cures and becomes solid again.


To make the EMC liquid, heat is transferred into the pellets. Heating has to be done fast, efficient and safe. The assignment is to design, build and evaluate a test rig for characterizing the melting process of the EMC. Important items in the design are safety and monitoring capabilities (e.g. temperature, pressure, power) to closely follow and register the melting process.In short, a comprehensive assignment where you can look at the different disciplines and departments within our company and learn a lot.


  1. You are in the final phase of your (applied) technical university studies, e.g. mechanical engineering or applied physics
  2. You enjoy working as a pioneer within our company
  3. You are communicative and hands-on


If you want more information about this assignment, please email stating BNSC_STAGE021.


prof.dr. GuoQi Zhang

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

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