MSc thesis project proposal

[2024-25] High speed UV photodetectors for EUV lithography

A challenge with ultra widebandgap photodetectors is their turn off time lags due to persistent photo current and defects in the discharging process. Recently, a technique for pulse compression was developed for photo conduction to overcome the recombination lifetime of materials that exhibit negative differential mobility at high electric fields. The goal of this thesis project is to evaluate this physical phenomen with the application for high bandwidth photodetection. 


in this project, you will

- review literature of state of the art UV photodectors with an interest in SNR and bandwidth

- simulate negative differential mobility in a FEM solver for a first gen pulse compress UV detector

- fabricate test devices in Kavli or EKL in GaN 

- test preliminary results of the device (time/resource permitting)


Recommended Background (but not all is required - you can learn in the project!)

Semiconductor physics

RF transmission line theory

Benchtop device testing with RF probes

Interest in strange physical phenomenon in semiconductors!


dr. Karen Dowling

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2024-02-04