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Postdoc vacancy: semiconductor device physics

Opening for: Postdoc

Status details

Announced:19 May 2022
Closing date:20 Aug 2022

We are looking for a candidate for a Postdoc  position with a background in: solid-state  physics, material science and quantum nanotechnology , with affinity to analytical modelling and experimenting with  semiconductor rectifying devices (diodes).  The candidate should have a good working knowledge of solid-state junctions. Experience in clean room silicon device processing will be a bonus. The candidate should also be comfortable with working in a multi-disciplinary environment, and should be able to communicate effectively with experts from different disciplines.  His/her main role will be to organize experiments with solid-state rectifying structures, aiming at understanding the junction formation mechanism, as well as creating models predicting their properties. The project will be executed  in close cooperation with researchers and experts from other research institutions and with high-tech industrial partners.


prof.dr. Stoyan Nihtianov

Parttime Associate Professor

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics