Specialization profile--RF/Analog Circuit Design

This profile has two focus points:
  1. LAnalog circuit design concentrating on low-power, low voltage amplifier and AD converter design for sensor interface electronics.
  2. RF Circuit design concentrating on circuit design and optimization for RF.

Suggested courses

EE4525Analog CMOS design II3 EC details
EE4600Wireless Concepts and Systems5 EC details
EE4605Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Applications5 EC details
EE4615Digital IC Design II3 EC details
ET4252Analog integrated circuit design4 EC details
ET4278Over-sampled data converters4 EC details
ET4369Nyquist-rate data converters4 EC details
ET4371Advanced Wireless Transceivers4 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
BE[2021] Body Coupled Communication for Microscale Implants
[2020] Body-coupled communication to enhance IMD security
[2023] Project 1 at Nexperia: Battery Life Conscious Energy Harvesting Energy
[2023] Project 4 at Nexperia: Wide supply range Level Shifter for Energy Harvesting Systems
[2023] Project 2 at Nexperia: MIMO Capacitive Power Converter
[2023] Project 3 at Nexperia: Project 3: Implementation of a MPPT Analog Signal Processing Block
[2023] Project 5 at Nexperia: Fully Integrated Multi Ratio Capacitive Power Converter
[2023] Project 6 at Nexperia: Adaptive Capacitive Power Converter for On Board Supply
[2021] Network of individually addressable ultrasonically powered implants
[2023] Project 7 at Nexperia: Fully integrated DC-DC Converter for energy harvesting
ECTMRF spectroscopy sensing array for tissue barrier monitoring
Advanced Class-D audio amplifier
High efficiency next generation PV micro-inverters
All-around precision amplifiers
Low-power DC-DC converters for energy harvesting with smart maximum power point tracking
Next generation motor drivers
EIHigh-speed (RF) chopping (NXP)
RF Digital-to-analog Converters (NXP)
Broadband analog delay filter and amplifier (NXP)
Low-latency Interleaved SAR ADC (NXP)
Broadband sigma-delta modulation (NXP)
Broadband frequency dependent calibration (NXP)
[2023] A Programmable High-Voltage Pulser for Miniature Ultrasound Probes
[2023] A Compact Noise-Shaping SAR ADC for Smart Ultrasound Probes
[2023] A compact ultrasound low-noise amplifier with built-in time-gain compensation
[2023] Power management circuitry for battery-powered ultrasound patches
[2023] A transceiver ASIC for a wearable ultrasound patch
[2023] Data reduction by mixed-signal processing of ultrasound echo signals for wearable ultrasound devices
[2023-24] GaN Accelerometers for Space Exploration
ELCA[2023] Build your own Mini-ChatGPT on Jetson Nano
[2023] Neuromorphic Real-Time Audio Denoiser
[2022] Wake-Up Receiver for Low-Power Internet of Things Applications
[2022] A Low-Power Sub-GHz WiFi Receiver
[2022] Charge-Sampling Fractional-N PLL (SiTime)
[2022] Design of a Cryogenic Isolator and MUX for Quantum Computers
[2022] Low-Phase-Noise VCO for Sub-10fs-Jitter PLL (SiTime)
[2022] a Reference-less Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) Block for Wireline Applications

Thesis examples

BE 2021 Berend KoeleIntegrating Ultrasound Neuromodulation and Imaging. A System Concept for a Non-Invasive Image-Guided Vagus Nerve Stimulator
Aitor del Rivero CortázarMicroelectronic design of a pseudo voltage clamp for a 0.18um CMOS-based mesoscale neural interface for intracellular in-vitro recording and stimulation
Joey van RijnNear-Realtime Low Power Epileptic Seizure Detection Using ANNs
Olmar van BeurdenIlluminance Calculation Algorithm and Hardware for Simultaneous Sensing and Energy Harvesting Using Solar Cell Harvester at Maximum Power Point
Ishaan GhoshCMOS driving channel for ultrasonic neurovascular stent
Xinyu YangUltrasound Transmitter for Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Emmanouil (Manos) KandilakisUltra-Low Energy Time-Mode ADC with Background Calibration for Biomedical Sensing Applications
2020 Francesc VarkevisserA Charge Controlled Switched-Voltage Mode Neurostimulator
Shuang WangAn ultrasound receiver channel for vagus nerve imaging
Asli YelkenciA 16-Channel CMOS Reconfigurable Recording Unit for Simultaneous In-Vitro Microelectrode Array and Current-Clamp Measurements
Shengjie ChenA 3-by-3 400-MHz LC microsensor array for wireless capacitive biosensing
Gayatri AgarwalPVT Tolerant Transconductor for Low-Voltage Highly-Selective High-Frequency Filter of MRI Front-end Receiver
Pedro Gaizka Zufiria GerbolesAn Efficacious and Safe Multichannel Neurostimulator Powered by an Ultrasonic Wireless Link
Alberto Gancedo ReguilonDesign and Analysis of a General Purpose Biosignal Acquisition System
2019 Anirudh Kumar ParagENMOS - Energy Module for Self-Sustainable Wearable Sensors
Aurojyoti DasMultichannel LC ADC to Record Atrial Electrograms
Yashwanth Sai Reddy VyzaCapacitive Microelectrode Arrays for In-Vitro Analysis of Neural Activity
Luc van WietmarschenEnergy harvesting on the human body -- Hybrid charge pump design for cold start compatibility and high efficiency harvesting with minimal footprint
Marc BisschopResistive Matching using an AC Boost Converter for Efficient Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transfer
Koen EmmerAnalysing the performance of KHFAC nerve block stimulation parameters
2018 Gerard Baquer GómezOptimal stimulation waveform for efficacious high-frequency block of the pudendal nerve with minimized electrochemical damage: A computer simulation optimization approach
Dieuwert MulStochastic Resonance Analog-to-Digital Conversion -- 1-Bit Signal Acquisition Employing Noise
Tim SteunebrinkLow-power low-cost readout electronics for inductive vital-sign measurements
Ali KaichouhiIQ Offset and Gain Mismatch Compensation for Phase-Domain ADC
2017 Lichao WuDesign of a Pipeline Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) Suitable for Transducer Array Channel Multiplexing
Ernesto Gonzales HuamanA Low-Complexitry CMOS Receiver for UWB Signals
Hongming YuStructured Design of an External NMOS based Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
2016 Yang Jiang8uW to 1mW Input Power Management IC Design for RF Energy Harvester
Yao LiA 0.6V Low Noise Current Generator for Bio-Impedance Measurements in 40nm CMOS
Qiuyang LinA 0.6V, 1 uW, Low-Power Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG/BioZ measurement in 40nm CMOS
Samprajani RoutStructured Electronic Design of High-Pass ∆Σ Converters and their application to cardiac signal acquisition
Ide SwagerPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring on Multiple Subjects
Matthijs WeskinA compact multi-electrode system to measure in vivo electrical activity in the olivocerebellar system -- measuring sub-threshold oscillations and action potentials spatially and over time
2014 Menno VastenholtA Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication
2010 Mark StoopmanA Sub-GHz UWB Pulse Generator for Wireless Biomedical Communication
2009 Y. ShamsaLC Ladder Based Orthonormal Filter for Impulse-Radio UWB Pulse Generation.
M.A. GrashuisA fully differential switched capacitor wavelet filter
S. WangA 10-bit 25Msps Pipeline ADC for Companding Baseband Processing in Wireless Application
EI 2022 Yu-Chieh TaiOn-chip Temperature Compensation with a Reference Voltage Method for CMOS Image Sensors
2014 Luis Edoardo Rueda GuerreroAn Algorithmic Readout Approach for Thermal Conductivity Based CO2 Sensors
Yuming HeCapacitive Sensor Interface Using an Inverter-Based Period Modulator
ELCA 2023 Erwin AllebesA Doherty-Like Class-G HoC SCPA With Deep Power Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement
2022 Jiang LiuAn Energy-Efficient High-Speed Full-Duplex IR-UWB Transceiver For Joint Radar and Communication (RadCom)
Pieter van der KampReciprocal mixing and inherent nonlinearity in N-path filters
2021 Praneetha SannidhanamA novel frequency-tracking loop based on sub-Nyquist samplers for a wide locking range and fast locking
2020 Madhumitha JayavelDesign and implementation of a Low Power Mixer-first Receiver for IEEE 802.11ah standard
Bagas PrabowoCharacterization and Design of a Cryogenic CMOS Receiver for Superconducting and Spin Qubit Readout
Anil Kumar KumaranA Linear and Efficient Power Amplifier for WiFi
Jun FengA 10 Gbps Wireline Transceiver Link To Interface
2019 Armin ŠabanovićLow-SNR Operation of FSK Demodulators
Charlotte TreffersDesign of a wideband low-power low noise transconductance amplifier for sub-GHz IoT applications
Sarthak SharmaDesign of Wide Range Injection Locked Bang-Bang Phase Locked Loop for Dielectric Spectroscopy
2018 Sunil SheelavantDesign of Frequency locked loop and Receiver front-end for Burst-Chirp UWB Radar Transceiver for Vital Signs and Occupancy Sensing by monitoring the respiration and heartbeat rate
Amitava GiriEnergy Efficient Wideband Transmitter for Millimeter-Wave 5G System
Shubham VyasUncertainty Estimation in Vision-Aided Robot Teleoperation System
2017 Xiao WangAn IR-UWB pulse generator based on switched capacitors RF-DAC
Anand RameshHigh Efficiency Power Amplifiers for 77GHz Automative RADARs
Jiang GongAnalysis and Design of a Ring-Oscillator-Based Fractional-N Injection-Locked Digital PLL for IoT Applications
Pengqi ChenDistributed Algorithms Design for Zebro Swarming
Hongming YuStructured design of an external NMOS based linear voltage regulator for automotive applications
Michael PolushkinA Wideband Frequency-Agile Phase Modulator for Digital Polar Transmitters
2016 Bishnu PatraCryogenic frequency generationfor scalable control and read-out of qubits
Lei ChenHigh Efficiency IQ-sharing Transmitter
Vijaya PurushothamanAn Ultra-low power Direct Frequency Demodulator for Bluetooth Smart applications
2015 J.M.M. van der MeulenLinearity Analysis and Enhancement Techniques for the Base-Collector Capacitance Dominated Distortion in Bipolar Amplifiers
Georgios SarrisA medium power 135 GHz power amplifier
2014 Yuan GaoDesign of a Duty-Cycled Fractional-N ADPLL Based on Instantaneous Start-up LC DCO and High-precision DTCs
Lianbo WuAn Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL for BLE Applications
Alan ChenDTC and TDC IC Design for Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL
R.G. VenterA Package Integratable Six Port Reflectometer for RF Power Devices
A. PillaiLNA and Square Law Detector at 60 GHz for Passive Radiometers
Bindi WangEdge-prediction DTC and Clock-gating TDC Design for Ultra Low Power All Digital PLL
2013 Gerasimos VlachogiannakisLow Power, All-Digital Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers for Multi-GHz Applications
Satoshi MalotauxFull-Duplex CMOS Duplexer: Passive self-interference cancellation
Sanganagouda PatilAn Ultra-Linear LNA for Base stations
Jianghai HeWideband High Power Doherty Amplifiers
2012 Yang LiA NMOS Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
Santosh AstgimathA low noise, low power dynamic amplifier with common mode detect and a low power, low noise comparator for pipelined SAR-ADC
Md. Shakil AkterA Low-Power Class-AB Residue Amplifier for a 12bit 500MS/sec Pipeline ADC with Digital Calibration
Armin TavakolDigitally Controlled Oscillator for WiMAX in 40 nm
2011 Ajay Kumar ManjannaDesign and development of active baseband loadpull system
Wenlong JiangADPLL Design for WiMAX
Jing LiWideband High Power Amplifier Design
S. MotoroiuMulti-band/Multi-Mode RF Front-end Receiver for Basestation Applications
X. ZhangDesign of a Baseband Section for LTE-Advanced Mobile Communiation
Ao BaUltra-low-power Digitally-controlled Oscillator for Event-driven Transmitter
Popong EffendrikTime-to-Digital Converter (TDC) for WiMAX ADPLL in State-of-The-Art 40-nm CMOS
2010 G. MishraAn Oscillator System for a Quadrature Downconversion Auto-Correlation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Receiver
R. SehgalA 12-bit 500MS/s Pipeline Split-ADC
K.I.M.I. Khalaf60GHz front-end receiver chain in 90nm CMOS technology
J. Shen60GHz Quadrature Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Radar Application
X. DengWideband Doherty Power Amplifier Design for Base Station Application
K. ShiA 60W Compact Highly Efficient Wideband Class-E Power Amplifier
Y. WangWideband Class-B Power Amplifiers
B. WuHighly Linear LNA Design for Base Station Applications
R. ZhangDesign Study on the Switched and Linear Operation of Broadband CMOS Class-E Power Amplifiers
R.F. KeareyA high-efficiency switch-mode amplitude modulator for class E power amplifiers in nano-satellites
2009 M.H. SadeghiNew architecture for remote powered wireless transmitter
A. DonmezWideBand PLL as a clock multiplier
L. JiangSignal Up-conversion for Integrated Radar Systems
2008 J. WanDesign of a Distributed Clock Generator for Multiple Power Domain System-on-Chip Integrated Circuits

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