Precision Ultrasonic Flow Meters using Matrix Transducers (FLOW+)

Themes: Smart Ultrasound

In this project, we will develop a new class of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters using matrix transducers
Ultrasonic flow meters are widely applied in industry, and operate by measuring the flow-dependent transit time of an acoustic pulse through a fluid. To install such a meter, one can either cut the pipe carrying the fluid and insert a spool piece with built-in ultrasonic transducers, or clamp such transducers onto the pipe wall. The latter is much cheaper and more flexible, but comes with important disadvantages, such as alignment problems and poorer accuracy. In this project, we will develop a new class of clamp-on flow meters that employ so-called matrix transducers, which consist of many small acoustic transmitter-receivers that can be individually controlled by custom integrated electronics to steer the path of the acoustic pulses. This will enable several new measurement techniques, including automatic alignment and self-calibration, that will greatly improve the accuracy and applicability of clamp-on flow sensors.
Flow loop with clamp-on flow meter prototype
Flow+ array prototype

Project data

Researchers: Douwe van Willigen, Michiel Pertijs
Starting date: January 2017
Closing date: June 2022
Sponsor: NWO-TTW

Laboratory of Acoustical Wavefield Imaging, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology

KROHNE Altometer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Contact: Michiel Pertijs

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